We provide periodic ‘teach-ins’, free educational sessions focused on important issues in the cultural community.  While developed specifically for artists, musicians, traditional culture bearers, and small business owners, attendance is open to any one who is interested.

Teach-Ins we have held include the following:

Licensing and Permitting for Cultural Businesses

Held in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy, this teach-in discussed important terms and the correct processes and procedures to open and maintain a cultural business in New Orleans, with a particular emphasis on businesses that provide live music.


Understanding the Noise Ordinance

The history and legal and cultural implications of New Orleans’ existing noise ordinance, including potential changes to make the ordinance more aligned with New Orleans’ cultural practices.


The Science of Sound

Led by acoustician David Woolworth, an interactive teach-in discussing the complicated techniques in which sound is measured and controlled, and how this should be factored when creating good policy. A brass band and other instruments were used as examples.


Zoning, Music, and Culture: A Call to Action

The fundamentals of zoning law, and how they are used to regulate live music and other cultural activity, also including suggestions for changes in the rewrite of New Orleans’ Zoning Ordinance.  You can watch the full teach-in on our YouTube page here.


Street Performance and the Law

Our most frequently held teach-in, where we host attorneys, street performers, and law enforcement officials to discuss the laws surrounding street performance, get feedback from performers about their needs, and build relationships between performers and law enforcement to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.