Our Mission

We collaborate with, organize, and empower the New Orleans music and cultural community to preserve and nurture the city’s culture, to translate community vision into policy change, and to create positive economic impact.


  • Affordable Housing for Musicians, Artists, and Culture Bearers
  • Monthly Teach-Ins
  • Community Listening Sessions
  • Policy Related to the Sound Ordinance
  • Community led Cultural Master Plan
  • Cultural Advocacy
  • Guide to Street Performance
  • Mediation for Culture Bearers
  • Protection for Music Venues

New Orleans’ treatment of its cultural producers is really an economic issue, and issue of power….As policy battles over parade permits, street performance, and the Noise Ordinance have shown, advocacy and self representation are critical to the survival of traditional cultural practices in New Orleans
— Sue Mobley, Former Director of Sweet Home New Orleans

What We've Achieved in 2017

  • Protected Performance Space on the Royal St. Pedestrian  Mall
  • Updated and Released our Guide to Street Performance
  • Passed amendments to the New Orleans Master Plan that supports cultural practices and protects cultural spaces
  • Began offering mediation for cultural practitioners
  • Held Community Listening Sessions on Current Cultural Issues
  • Helped Cafe Istanbul fight against an unfair lawsuit
  • Hired a dedicated Community Outreach Coordinator