Guide to Street Performance

Guide to New Orleans Street Performance

The Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans, in conjunction with the Tulane City Center, is extremely proud to present our Guide to New Orleans Street Performance!  At MaCCNO, we are working hard to develop proactive, positive solutions to issues facing the cultural community. Since MaCCNO was formed, some of the most consistent complaints we heard have centered around the lack of clarity about the laws governing street performance, particularly in the French Quarter and around Frenchmen St.  Typically, neither musicians/ buskers nor enforcement agencies have a full understanding of the law, leading to misunderstandings, incorrectly issued citations, and, often, loss of income for performers.  This guide will put a stop to these misunderstandings, and ensure everyone has equal access to fair, accurate and unbiased information.

The Guide to New Orleans Street Performance is intended not just for performers, but also for enforcement agencies, businesses, residents and neighborhood organizations.  It draws directly from the existing City Code of Ordinances, clearly explaining the existing law in a user friendly format.  For example, the Guide clarifies that amplifiers are, in fact, permitted on the street (as long as they follow existing sound limits), and also points out additional rules for performers in place in Jackson Square and the French Market.  We have also included the Street Performer’s Code of Etiquette, which was developed in 1996 by the Coalition to Preserve the Art of Street Entertainment (Co-PASE), a group of New Orleans street performers and allies.